Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prayer Pearls

Okay....so gum gets old, yucky, stale and sticky.

While zipping around W’ford with my daughter and getting some much needed errands done this morning she found some pretty gross chewed up old school gum stuck to the side of her car seat. Granted our Suburban, affectionately known as the “Burb”, is not in tip top shape right now. It’s pretty dirty; however, nasty old gum is not on the regular Burb treasure list. Come on you fellow moms out there in the e-void – can I get a witness??! It doesn’t surprise me.

Ainsley has been on a “pink bubble dum” kick lately. I mean she can roll through a pack of Double Bubble in like 30 minutes. We have to cut her back. So as she looks up at me like that old, yucky, stale, sticky mess (that she put there mind you!) - That only just one day ago she was smacking away on – is now the most disgusting thing she has ever seen I’m surprised. She loved it yesterday, what changed.

It got stuck behind something else and changed into an old, yucky, stale and sticky piece of gum.

To keep a piece of gum going you have to keep chewing! I had a friend that used to sleep with gum in her mouth. (Totally not safe and definitely not suggested – however it drives home my point today :))

I don’t want Glorious Daughters to become like old, yucky, stale, sticky gum that gets found under an old dusty pile of emails someday. I want the Lord’s Spirit through it to keep going. I want it to keep its elasticity, flavor and color. I want it to continue to offer Life. The only way that’s going to happen is if we keep chewing it up, better said praying it up!!

Tuesday has officially become Prayer Pearl day! I will be reminding you each Tuesday of our prayer time. As the Spirit leads, Glorious Daughters would be so thankful to have your prayer support. There is power in prayer and unified purpose. God promises to be faithful.  Our job is just to follow Him in the triumph of that faithfulness, but in order to know where He is walking we have to seek Him in prayer.

Today, and every Tuesday from now on, I would love you to do just that. Pray. Allow the Spirit to lead your prayers for protection, provision and the purposes of this ministry…this expression of the King’s heart. I am so thankful for your prayers, support and constant encouragement. God is good and I am humbled to have your fellowship!!

Make it a great day and keep chewin’! LOL! I mean prayin’!


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