Friday, September 24, 2010

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!!!

Hello Glorious Daughters!!!!  Oh me oh my it has been way too long!!  So much has been happening and I couldn't wait to hop online and finally update you about all that God is in the middle of doing with Glorious Daughters!  First, a huge thank you to all of you that prayed and helped while I was super sick.  Your encouragement meant more than you know.  It was so hard to be away from connecting with you all for so long, but rest was mandatory and I am much better for it!!  So hello to you beautiful! :)

Okay so announcements!! 

1. Pass It On event at First Baptist Church Weatherford went AMAZING!!!!!  The room was full of almost 300 women representing multiply generations all of which were BEAUTIFUL!  I was blown away by such an amazing heart-ready group of women and am still living on the overflow of that evening.  God did some amazing things in some very special hearts that night and reminded us how important it is to Put It Down, Put It On and Pass It On!  (if you want a little insight into the evening go back and read the Plastic McDonald's Crown blog post)  Thank you to all the Glorious Daughters at FBC Weatherford for providing an incredible evening of praise, fellowship, and amazing insight into the King's desire to see us rise up as a generation wholly yeilded to the King!  Amazing and I will never forget our special time together!  Love you all so very much!

2. I am so honored and excited to have been invited to join the Destiny In Bloom writing team!!  This is an incredible online magazine for women that promises to encourage your walk with God no matter where you're at!!  There are some brilliant writers that express new parts of God's unending character and love every week.  And TODAY my article is posted!!!  This is a very special peice to God's place in my life and how HE never fails to connect the dots in our lives.....there is purpose in EVERYTHING He does!  What a promise!  It will so bless my heart if you could take a second and go from this site to the Destiny In Bloom site and read my article as well as post a comment!  So go right now and check out and please let me know your thoughts!

3. Another bit of exciting news is that an article I wrote will run in October's issue of Home Life Magazine!  Entitled Family Hugs it is yet another experience that is so very near and dear to my heart.  Home Life Magazine is a wonderful resource for families and it is an honor to have been included in the already amazing articles they run.  It has been such a rich encouragement for my family and I hope that our family's experiences will encourage others...again it's all about PASSING IT ON!!  So run by Lifeway or Mardels and pick up your copy of Home Life or check with your local church and see if they don't have a copy you can grab.  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that too!

4. Chick Chats has officially changed to God Sibs!  What in the world is a God Sib you might be asking yourself??  Well, come and join us on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm and find out!  Please make note that the scripture that Glorious Daughters is based on is Psalms 45:13 and that means YOU!  And continue to check back because website updates are COMING SOON!!

5. And the BEST news I have saved until last......drumroll.........we are PREGO!!!!!  I am so excited to announce that we will be having a precious little baby April 12th!  Cannot wait for a new baby cakes to join Team Trotter - as my mom and grandma said it's like the sweetest little Easter basket!  I couldn't agree more and it seems so fitting to celebrate new life as we celebrate our Life in Christ :)  Prayers would be awesome for a healthy pregnancy and no complications.  Again, you sweet prayer warriors are amazing!

And finally I just want you to know that I love you.  That the King of Kings loves you.  Don't listen to the voice of the Deciever...even for a second....flood your heart and mind with God's goodness and take every thought captive (2 Corin 10:5)....He has abudant Life to give you, don't let the enemy have a single inch (John 10:10).  The bugger can only take what you give him, so don't give him anything.  Ladies, I want you to know I'm speaking that word from the trenches right now....again, we're in this's worth the fight.  You are worth the fight.  Be Lavishly Loved and Extravagantly Filled by God's powerful presence today.  And it's been great to catch up.  Talk soon and love you richly!!!


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  1. Congrats on all the great news, Cari! Can't wait to pick up October's Home Life mag and see your name in it! :)