Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What in the world is God Sibs you might be asking yourself?

For the last several months what is now known as God Sibs was known as Chick Chat. (With those familiar we are now the artist formally known as Chick Chats :)) But somewhere along the way the Holy Spirit started bugging my heart. He’s been known to do that in my life. As the Lord pressed my heart about what He wanted from this ministry I came across the definition of gossip. And even more important than the definition was the origin of the word gossip. The word as a noun came from Old English as something like godsib. In a literal sense godsib meant just that God-sibling. It was a relative in God, a friend, an encourager, a mentor and a spiritual supporter. Unfortunately as the years progressed the definition changed and a godsib transitioned into a gossip. The word godsib had begun a transformation from merely supporting spiritual growth to an individual that was usually sharing information that was none of their business and had become largely associated with women. That is no good ladies!! God wants to take that word back for His glory!

As the Holy Spirit revealed His heart for this ministry and the passion behind Glorious Daughters I think nothing suites us better than God Sibs. Just as Barnabas put his name and approval on the life of Paul as he began his ministry (Acts 9:26-28) we want to stand beside others that are pursuing the King. God Sibs is a time when we can come up alongside other sisters as multiple generations and allow the Lord to encourage and inspire us to be strong, brave, bold and beautiful daughters of God. (And yes I ended it just like the soap opera on purpose hoping you won’t forget the slogan! :)) In essence we are deciding to put our names on others lives in front of our peers no matter what their background or present story might be and saying “She’s with me!” It models what Christ did for us. HE put His Name on our lives in front of the world and says, “She’s with me, she is my daughter and a rightful heir to My Throne.” That we are growing not as gossips, but as God Sibs!!!

Come and join us on the first Tuesday of every month in Weatherford, OK at the Fairfield Inn at 7pm and find out all about God Sibs! We spend time with sweet friends chatting about life, laughing, singing, playing ridiculously fun games, eating something with chocolate in it, of course coffee and receiving fun gifts as well as gaining strength and encouragement from an in depth study of God’s Word. Mostly we celebrate being a daughter of the Most High King!

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