Saturday, October 2, 2010


Marginalized Women.  Just that phrase alone with no other words behind or before it breaks my heart.  Close your eyes for just a second and think of all the ways you don't fall in that category.  Think about the blessings of your family, friends, church, future, your passionate relationship with a loving God, your home, your protection, your provisions, your resources, your health, your abilities..........oh ladies will you please just entertain an overwhelming moment with me this morning.  Will you please not read this post looking for elegant words or passionate verbiage.....honestly I don't have it this morning.  All I have is this overwhelming burden in my heart for the phrase "marginalized women".......oh that the Lord would rip out all the selfishness that has resided in my heart and press each and every one of us to do more than just read those words, feel burden and then go on with life.  I have linked up the blog post from The Tapestry Project about the beloved women they serve.  Please take a second and read it, it's short......and when you do read it and imagine a face, a mom, a sister, a best friend - put someone dear that you love with your whole heart and imagine the label "marginalized" over her life.  Immediately I would be moved to action.  Let's do the exact same thing with those we don't know yet.

Glorious Daughters is not a church, we are not a service organization, we are not a charitable "box check".....we are an equipping ministry.  So with that being said, let's start equipping.  When I bring new projects God is in the midst of doing to your attention my intention is to give you an opportunity as a daughter of the King to USE your position, feel equipped to love and then be inspired to DO IT.  With The Tapestry Project your first opportunity will be Tuesday night at Glorious Daughters.  Please go through your closets and find gently used winter coats that you would be willing to donate and BRING THEM TO GOD SIBS THIS TUESDAY NIGHT!!!  We will have a team from Edmond that will be taking them back and dropping them off at Tapestry.  I will also be announcing other ways that we can be involved with this incredible ministry.  This is what becoming all glorious within is all about girls.  Yes, it's about study and growing closer in our knowledge of our Father...but it won't amount to a hill of beans if all we do is keep it to ourselves.  We, a generation of daughters are called to seek out the lost.......they are LOST which indicates we have to GO and FIND them.....then God has made it the easiest thing in the world because He does the healing.  Just giving someone a hug you mean has more healing power than "knowing" all the right stuff.

So pass on the info that this coming TUESDAY night go through your closets and bring a winter coat (any age) to donate!!!!!!  And remember to really READ the phrase "marginalized women" and let the Holy Spirit mess you up from the inside out so much so that you can't wait to GO, FIND and Lavishly Love with the Love of Jesus!

I love you and can't wait to see you Tuesday night at God Sibs,

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  1. I drive past their current renovation location three times a week and didn't realize who or what they were. Thank you for sharing this information and I look forward to learning more.