Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Projects that need to be in your life!

Well, the last several posts have been all about announcements….but there are a lot of really sweet projects God is putting in front of me that are just too precious and making a powerful impact on my heart. Can’t help but share them with you!

1. I had the privilege of attending First Baptist Church El Reno’s Spin Cycle Fall Ladies Conference this past weekend! It was so refreshing and everyone had an amazing time. The speaker for the event was Jen Hatmaker, and I’m gonna tell you right now if she is not a part of your life……what are you waiting for!!! I was laughing so hard I was snorting (probably scaring all the precious ladies I was sitting with :)) at all her relatable stories about life. Then I was sharpened in my spiritual life as she proclaimed some powerful Truth about the state of the church right now in America. There is incredible favor over her message and you are guaranteed to be blessed, strengthened and pushed as you listen to God’s heart through her. She also has several books that I totally suggest you getting your hands on asap!! Right now I am reading Make Over, Revitalizing the Many Roles You Fill. Yeah, you know you need it! :) She is relevant and in the trenches with you. She isn’t trying to be some sort of superhero, she’s just submitted to the Lord. She lives a real life and in the midst of that she is willing to share her journey. I gained a ton of inspiration just from the introduction to the book!

“I’m a pastor’s wife, a mom of three (ages eight and under), a friend, a daughter, a sister, a writer, a teacher, a neighbor. I have no nanny, no housekeeper, no parents in town, no assistant, no free babysitters, no free ride, no time, and often no clue. So I won’t be writing while the nanny takes care of my kids and the maid cleans my house. I’ll be typing with a three-year-old lying in my lap putting tape on my face.”

Can I get a witness?!!! Seriously, she has some incredible truth to share and if you are anything like me your life is moving at supersonic speed and knowing that someone is rising above to share the Truth of God’s Love in the MIDST of it all inspires me! So leave this blog and check out http://www.jenhatmaker.com/ as soon as you can!

2. On Friday night my family had the BEST evening with an absolutely incredible woman of God. Her name is Charity Teal and she took the most precious pictures of my family. As a family we had never had professional pictures taken and so with this being our first experience we didn’t know what to expect. I am here to tell you that at the end of the evening I could have cared less how the pictures turned out. As a family we had just had the most rewarding time laughing and enjoying each other. A huge part of that was based on Charity’s professional, organized and peaceful spirit. She is someone that I have known since college and when I found out about the story behind her photography business I could not wait to support her and pass on her story to you! And now I am telling you and sharing a few pics to support her and encourage you to consider using CAT Photography.

All her proceeds go to raise money as her family seeks to adopt siblings from Uganda. Her and her husband, Roger, have a beautiful daughter Mary Katherine and are now seeking to share the incredible love they have with those that are in need. Please visit her website and blog to read more and please, please, please contact her today for information on booking her to record the special moments you want to capture! http://www.yourcatphotography.com/

3. Finally, I want to just fill you in on a project that is already touching so many families in the downtown OKC area. God has this amazing ability to reconnect and cross paths at the perfect moment in our lives. While I was attending the Spin Cycle Conference last weekend I had the privilege of running in to someone that I had not seen since college. We lived on the same dorm floor our freshman year…so as we reconnected and caught up on life I found out how absolutely incredible God’s grace and redemptive power really is! Amy Newberry is the Executive Director of The Tapestry Project in Oklahoma City and along with her husband they are telling their marvelously awesome story and helping make the community livable again. I HIGHLY suggest you checking out this website, supporting their cause, getting involved and become an active mentor in helping train and love those that are recovering from addictions, reclaiming a life from years of abuse, taking ownership of their first apartment, and discovering just how lavish the Love of Jesus really is. So again, please, please take the time to check out this website to learn more and find out ways you can get involved. http://www.thetapestryproject.org/ It just takes a few people committed to seeing a generation changed for Christ…….let’s be a part!

Oh and I’m so excited because our next God Sibs meeting is just ONE WEEK away!!!! Please make plans to attend as well as bringing someone with you! I promise this stuff is too good to keep to yourself! I have talked to the couple of incredible women that I will have sharing testimony of how the King is loving them as daughters and I promise you don’t want to miss hearing their hearts. More to follow, so stay connected and remember we are counting on you to spread the word and bring a friend. A road trip is much more fun with your best friends along for the ride….and if you don’t have a bestie to come with….come anyway, you just might be surprised who you meet!! As always I love you with all my heart and am honored to serve the Lord and to serve you through Glorious Daughters. You’re pretty stinkin’ awesome!!!!!!


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