Thursday, March 25, 2010

Go Get 'Em Girls!!

Okay so I am not necessarily endorsing this show…honestly I’ve never watched it. However we walked in the other night and turned on the TV and before we had a second to touch the remote this scene played out. It was perfect for me and God totally used it to pump me up! It’s funny, but all too true! Just let it go pretty ladies and be empowered by the King to be the woman God has called you to be. Let go of what you “think” you need to be or what part of you that you “think” you can’t ever perfect to be used by God. LET….IT…..GO and just receive that the King is wild for you, loves you lavishly and has equipped you with exactly what you need!

You are a great mom ~ now go love on those babies! You are a beloved grandma with loads of wisdom ~ now go teach what you know! You are a precious aunt ~ be ready to listen! You are a beautiful daughter ~ keep learning! You are a sweet sister ~ be available! You are a strong woman ~ now go face the world with God sized confidence! Go get ‘em girls!!

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  1. Cari!! Love it!!!! Seriously love it! Thanks for encouraging me today!! Love you!