Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Post Office..

Wake up

Take a shower

Get dressed

Start the coffee – Amen!

Have some Jesus time - YAY!

Change Ainlsey’s diaper

Get Cade his chocolate milk

Make breakfast for my peeps

Start the laundry

Return some emails

Check off some of yesterday’s “To Do” list

Make a new “To Do” list

Switch the laundry to the dryer

Confirm dates for retreat weekend

Set dates for next Chick Chat

Kiss my hubs and send him off to work

Make a list for Wal-mart

Help the kids get dressed

Slap on a smidge of makeup just so I look alive :)

Drink second cup of coffee :)

Out the door……..

I wonder how many times we do that exact schedule in a life time. How many times do we go about our everyday lives in an everyday way? The effort that Christ is putting out through Glorious Daughters isn’t about figuring out some sort of formula with God so that we can aspire to fame, fortune and easing our lifestyles. It’s about cultivating a Holy Spirit response to our everyday life. God is after our hearts. God is after our “everydays” that we get lost in. He is after our mindsets.

Last night the Lord solidified even more the vision He has for Glorious Daughters and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.….it’s about responding to the Holy Spirit as mature daughters in Christ in such a dramatic way that we get just as fired up and hopeful that God is going to use us to rescue a life while we shop for groceries in Wal-mart, as we do when we step off a plane that’s just landed in Tanzania. That as daughters we become so still and relaxed in the arms of the King that we can feel with confidence the direction the Spirit is working in our lives.

As daughters of the King the Word of God is not just something we “Do” it’s something we LIVE. Don’t get lost in your “To Do” list today. Since starting this blog I have received so many emails from precious daughters that have expressed how they are living the Word out and sharing the beauty that the King has lavished on them. Keep sending them in!! I am so sharpened, encouraged and inspired by your stories!! Every time I read an email I get more and more pumped up about the message Christ is cultivating in His daughters and I’m all in! We can’t slow up from doing or being who the King has called us to be. Because not living to our full God-given potential as daughters doesn’t do anybody any favors…I know I’ve tried and it won’t work. Be ready to share the hope that is set within you ladies. I promise you the number of beloved souls in your very reality looking for hope is overwhelming if you would just open your eyes. Look intentionally for an opportunity to bless and encourage someone just as intensely as you would if you were on a mission trip to the remotest parts of the globe.

FYI….your eyeballs pop open in the morning and you just looked at your mission field. The beauty of Christ is just waiting to be expressed….now go express it!!

Just so I keep it real on this little blog site I’ll tell you what that looks like for me today. We moved almost a year ago and have spent the better half of that year getting used to our new surroundings. One of those “new” things has been adjusting to our postal system…we have different mailboxes than I am used to, we have mail keys, and you can only buy stamps a certain way..Etc, etc, etc….well when we first moved here I had a little run in with the ladies at the post office. I was kind, but it was obvious I wasn’t doing it right and on top of it all I had lost my mail keys. Big mistake. And I have honestly avoided the post office at all cost because of my little run in a few months ago. So, like I said before, I am not asking you to do anything I am not asking myself to do and today the Holy Spirit is asking me to love on the people that work at my local post office. Nothing grand maybe just a card to say thanks for all they do for the community and that God loves them. It’s simple really. If we are responding in a mature manor to the call of the Holy Spirit…and we are serious about making a change and LIVING the Word out…for me that starts with showing a little love to my post office. Not giving them a sermon, just showing them a little love.  Call me weird I don’t really care like I said I’ve lived too long doing the half way for Jesus thing….when I say I’m all in I really mean it.

Tomorrow God could call me to share the hope that is set within me on the other side of the globe, but today serving my family in love, meeting with friends, cleaning my house, trusting that God is going to provide for us financially, supporting my local church and taking a little Love to my post office is what full and immediate obedience looks like for me. That’s what living my ordinary life in an extraordinary way looks like today.

What about you?

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  1. Thought I would give a quick update on my little visit to the post office....it was late afternoon before I was able to make it by, but the kids and I finally got a chance to run by. Walked in carrying a cute Easter pot of yellow tulips I had picked up from Walmart along with a simple card that said thanks for all they do for the community and the extra patience they have shown our family. God is good and I'm thankful He convicted my heart about sharing a little love and saying thank you instead of getting ouchie over lost mail keys. I don't always take those opportunities when God prompts and usually it has to do with my own stubborn heart, insecurity, or pride. Glad I said yes and just obeyed on this one, I think it really made a difference...and I mean in me. I'm a work in progress, but we're getting there. :) xoxo~Cari