Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Young Life Girls,

Sweet Glorious Daughters it has been nearly a month since we last talked and I have missed you!!!!! God has been moving very fast on some incredible projects that I can hardly wait to share with you, which is a total testimony to your faithful prayers and support!! You Rock!!

Today, I want to write to those that are in high school or have just finished high school. I know to some that read this letter may not know what or who Young Life Girls be honest I only know one Young Life daughter (and she is pretty special :)). That one daughter is standing in the gap in prayer and support, in encouragement and inspiration like no other daughter I have ever seen. Isn't it awesome the power that ONE daughter submitted to the Lord in prayer can have?!!! I love it! And she has asked me to write a letter to encourage you. So today I have addressed this letter to you! In humility I ask that you receive it in Love from the King and be encouraged because you have been prayed for and by posting this letter I know several faithful women that will read this and continue to pray for you!!! Isn't that awesome!!! So I love you all precious Glorious Daughters and am asking that you read this letter today, and no matter what life spot you find yourself in please tuck it in to your own heart and then pray for the sweet Young Life girls that it is addressed to. Thank you sweet prayer warriors!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

I know you have all just returned from an incredible week of camp and I know the Lord was faithful in revealing Himself to each of your hearts. I know that you probably had an awesome time of worship, team building, and encouragement as a believer and maybe even some decisions to follow Christ were made!! Praise the King! That is awesome!! I am sure that it was a time of healing, promise and renewal. And I am positive that you are all BEAUTIFUL from the inside out, and that is what I want to encourage you with today.

Soak in EVERYTHING that happened last week, let God remind you of all the ways He loved on you, built you up and sealed your heart. Journal your thoughts, frame your favorite moments, talk with your friends and your family......but whatever you to don't forget!!! Life promises to throw us curve balls almost immediately after we have received a time of filling from the Lord, but HIS promises will endure. So cling to those promises that you were reminded of last week. A few prayers that were on my heart over the last couple of days for you have been.....

• That you will remember just how Beautiful the King has made you

• That you will receive that you have been created for a very special purpose and calling

• That you find your identity in Christ and be filled by HIS love for you, His daughter

• That your heart would receive that He is blown away because the beauty on the outside pales in comparison to the beauty on the inside of you!

• That you would be filled with courage and strength to stand strong in your commitment to Christ

• And finally that you would not be fearful, that you would be drawn and held together in God's love because you are becoming a woman of excellence.

I know that you are surrounded in Young Life with some beautiful women of faith that are just waiting to love on and support you. I encourage you to find a mentor that loves Jesus more than they love your acceptance or approval and learn from them. Follow them as they follow Jesus. And then find someone to mentor! There are plenty of sisters that are walking behind you just waiting to be loved and encouraged by someone that is walking even just a few steps in front of them. Be loved by those that have gone before you and find a God centered accountability to inspire your continued growth in Jesus.

I know you don't know me, and I don't know you....however you have been and will continue to be surrounded in prayer as you step boldly into your callings. The Lord will be with you and will encourage you to be ALL that He has skillfully wrought you to be (Ps 139). Be strong sweet ladies and keep walking - the Lord promises to be faithful. You are beautiful and I am so blessed by your hearts.

"And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you whatever you ask, for all my people in the city know that you are a woman of excellence." Ruth 3:11

In Jesus Name I pray that group of young ladies would recognize that their intrinsic value comes from being found in Jesus. That they are beautiful, worthy and accepted in the sight of the King and that they are more than conquerors and capable of sitting at the feet of Jesus and RECEIVING the adoration of the King. That He is pleased with them and so blessed by their beauty. Amen.

Praying that you are surrounded with Great Love today,
xo Cari

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