Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The "heal" charm

Just a quick pic of my baby doll taking care of her baby doll. Precious. I recently bought a charm bracelet with several charms on it that describe my Ainsley Belle and I thought I would share...

A princess crown - Because she is a daughter of the Most High King and my mini princess :)

The letter "a" - To represent her beautiful name Ainsley

Amethyst birthstone drop - Ainsley's birthday is in February

A sterling silver disk with "mom" engraved on it - The obvious of course being that I am her mother. The deeper meaning being that I am reminded when I look at that I hold the keys to the Kingdom for my daughter and that her little eyes are on me all day every day. My job? Lead her to the Throne.

And finally a charm with the word "heal" engraved on it - The Lord created Ainsley at a time in the life of our family when we were in need of healing. Ainsley herself did not bring the healing, that would be unfair pressure on her. However her birth was a spiritual marker in our lives that Christ was still going to birth new things out of our lives. The King has been faithful to the promise that came with Ainsley's birth.

Just the other day I was watching the season finale of Extreme Home Makeover, which was so very tender, and was crying so hard as I watched the story of the precious family. As I was crying both Cade and Ainsley asked if I was okay to which I of course said that my tears were merely happy tears....which was the truth in part :). Cade gave me a pat and then went on his way, however Ainsley immediately bounced off to her room and came back with her blanket. She piled it up in my lap and said, "Here momma." as if to say this will make it better. She knew that even though I said I was happy, I still could use the comfort and healing touch of her blankie. Ainsley Belle is the glue to our family and she has, even at the tender age of two, allowed the Lord to use her as an agent of healing in our lives. Thanks for reading with me today. My heart was overflowing with love for my little miss. I just tucked her in bed and have had to love on her extra today because she has been sickie with a fever and cold. It's hard when your babies are sick and you can't do anything but love on them, help make them comfortable and trust that the Lord loves them more than you do and is working over time to get them up and running like new in no time. I love her so much and am so thankful for the radiant light she is to our family.

Praying for your daughters tonight as I write and praying for you as you love them up and lead them to the Throne. Praying for those of you whose daughters are sick from anything in between a cold or a life threatening disease. Praying for those of you who are loving daughters that are walking a fine line of rebellion. Praying for your daughter’s confidence in Christ to grow stronger and stronger every day. Be strong and brave as you love them courageously. Praying for peace to rest in your hearts as mothers and praying for you to seek wisdom and counsel from the Author and Perfector of our faith as you lead out, provide for and express love in their lives. I decided to share the prayer I have said over Ainsley every night since the day she was born as I tuck her in at night. Even though it has Ainsley's name in the prayer I am praying for your little princess too.
"The Lord bless Ainsley and keep her. The Lord make His face shine on Ainsley and be gracious to her. The Lord lift up His countenance on Ainsley and give her peace." Numbers 6:24-26

Sweet dreams pretty daughters...xoxo.

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