Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Worth Remembering

Ever seen someone that you know you remember meeting, but in the moment they begin to walk your way looking so excited to see you their name completely leaves you. So you say something like, “Hey girl!” or “What’s up cutie!”. You want to be polite, but the teleprompter in your brain on who and how you know this person has totally gone out. As the conversation starts you begin rolling through the rolodex of situations you might have met them at begging your brain to snap to and remember. And then all at once it comes to you! Eureka! Being remembered is an awesome feeling, but we’ve all had a time when we’ve either not remembered or not been remembered.

I actually had an experience the other day where someone didn’t remember me. I was just breezing in and out of a business where I had been several times and interacted with the individuals that worked there on numerous occasions. I wasn’t looking for anyone to remember me, wasn’t even looking to have conversation with anyone just running in and out. But as I was interacting with a few people someone came by, looked at me and randomly in a very “Seinfeld episode kind of way” said…”I don’t remember you.” And it wasn’t in an “I’m trying to put a face with a name?” Or “I know we have met, I just can’t place when or how I know you?” it was like they wanted me to know they didn’t remember me and I was disturbing their reality. The funny part was I hadn’t even asked or expected this person would remember who I was. And then all at once that person walked on. It was one of those random run-ins in life where you just shrug your shoulders, chuckle and move on. However it got me thinking. It was as if this individual was saying “Who are you? We’ll it doesn’t matter because you aren’t even worth remembering anyway!” LOL is all I can say about that exchange! :)

Funny story, serious point. As daughters we can leave the emotions of unworthy and unacceptable hanging on the door of our heart way too long. Have you been abandoned? Have you been abused? Have you been orphaned? Have you ever been passed up by someone “better”? Have you experienced the pain of gossip? Has your character ever been misrepresented? Has any one person ever made you feel like you weren’t worth remembering? Have you ever felt neglected? Have you ever said out loud or in your heart, “I have no place.” Or “I’m not accepted.”

I love Extreme Home Makeover and just recently there was an episode I caught the tail end of that has found its way into the deepest part of my heart and I’m pretty sure I won’t forget it.

The family that was getting the dream home had adopted several orphans from Asia that all had physical handicaps. The oldest of the 5 that the family had adopted was blind and partially deaf. When the mother came into the oldest girl’s room her breath was taken away at how beautiful the room was. The mother started to describe all the deep colors and rich textiles, the furniture and help aids in the room. However the girl went right to the side wall where they said her books were. The show had provided an entire wall of Braille books made just for her. As she scanned the wall with her hands her mother gasp in tears and sat down on the bed. All at once the girl pulled one thick black book out and began to race her fingers across the pages as fast as she could. She gasped, pushed away from the wall and then raced back only to run her hands across rows and rows of the same black book.

With the sweetest overflow of heart the words spilled out of her lips, “They got me the whole Bible.”

Ladies, you are not forgotten. That little girl was lost, left to die and unwanted, deemed unworthy and unacceptable as a child in her country. However the King never took His eyes off of her. He went to such great lengths as to find a perfect family to adopt her. Then even within the walls of her dream home He prompted someone on a secular show to be so intentional as to purchase the whole Bible in Braille just for her. She was not lost. Her soul was not left to die in darkness. She was wanted. She was worthy. She was an acceptable child of the King. And His desire was to give her every blessing.

I shared kind of a funny example of someone claiming that I wasn’t worth remembering and really that experience didn’t affect me. I just laughed it off. However it made me recall situations where the whisper and opinion of the enemy has tempted me to believe the lie that as a created, bought, redeemed daughter of the living King I am not worth remembering. I am not accepted as a beauty, as a daughter, as a child. Some circumstances in life can leave us feeling as if our souls, thoughts or dreams are lost in the darkness of our own frame. Or that heaven forbid we feel abandoned, rejected or worthless. I hear too many women splashed across our modern media that are expressing themselves in degrading ways only to say they felt that while they were growing up they didn’t have an outlet for their heart or felt unaccepted so now they are just being “real”. Shame on us ladies. Shame on us if we are daughters of the King and we have remained silent. Shame on us if we have repressed our ability to love on and minister to those around us so long, that the ways of this world have taken over as the dominant voice and space for acceptance and love. Within the Bride of Christ we should be offering extravagant love, grace, space, acceptance and merciful Truth, training and equipping to every daughter.

I have an overwhelming, and very direct passion to give voice to the emotion of feeling lost, lonely, abandoned and unwanted. The King has set His heart on chasing down His daughter. He is tired of the ground the enemy is gaining. I’m tired of the ground we are so carelessly giving him. I’m tired of yet another social club, media profile, celebrity remix or “overwhelming majority” that is attempting to solidify our worth as daughters. The King is exhausted with the abuse, the neglect and the rejection of His daughters. I want the Truth. I want freedom. I want to get so close to the voice of the Father that I hear HIS voice tell me I’m beautiful, worthy, accepted and loved. Then I want to operate in my everyday with that confidence in front of me. I want that for you too.

If you have been abandoned, abused, neglected, disheartened, disenchanted, lonely, defeated or hopeless in your thoughts and emotions I am here to testify that by the Blood of the WORTHY Lamb and the word of your testimony….you will overcome and you have been found worthy, accepted and lavishly loved!

If you are in Christ and have accepted Him as Lord of your life say OUT LOUD:

I am not lost

I have not been left to die in darkness

I am wanted

I am worthy

I am an acceptable child of the King

I am worth remembering

And I am lavishly loved

If you have NOT come into the precious love of the King and accepted your place as a daughter please don’t wait. Pray with me right now….”I confess that I am a sinner. I ask you to take over my life as I lay it at your feet. I accept you as the Only Way and ask that you come into my life and save me. I accept my rightful place as your daughter and I thank you for your grace and lavish love! Amen.” If you prayed that prayer, go back up and pronounce the anthem of acceptance. The next several days I am going to be giving you quick scriptures to connect each statement to the Truth. I am so proud of you. I love you and I am praying for you sweet sister.


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