Monday, May 3, 2010

First Glorious Daughters Chick Chat!!!!

Okay ladies starting tomorrow, Tuesday May 4th at 7pm in Weatherford, OK I will be hosting the very first Glorious Daughters Chick Chat. The first Tuesday of every month will be a time to get together as Glorious Daughters. We will spend time with sweet sisters chatting about life, laughing, eating something with chocolate in it, of course coffee, receiving fun gifts as well as gaining strength and encouragement from studying God’s Word. All you need to bring is......YOU!

I am very excited about this and cannot wait to see all that God wants to do in our time together. For years I have hosted events like this in my home, but never with a focused goal in mind. What's the goal now you might be asking?

I want to see Jesus alive in the relationships of His daughters. I want to see generations of daughters LIVE out the beautiful heritage of Hope they have been given together, hand in hand in extravagant Joy!!!
We get together all the time and usually it is while we are running from here to there. We chat about this and that and yes at times look like a group of chickens bouncing our heads up and down while we "pick a little talk a little". LOL! In college my grandpa used to tease me when I would come by their house after a sorority meeting saying "Well, did all you little chickens hash it out over at the sorority house!" Funny thought, but too true! :)
I need fellowship with friends, with sisters, and most important I need fellowship with Jesus. This just brings the two together.

We had a change in location and I am excited to announce we will be having our Chick Chats at

The Fairfield Inn Conference Room
201 Nevada
Weatherford, OK 73096
On the first Tuesday of every month

I will be posting the "talks" here on my blog so if you can’t make it you can still receive the fellowship and Truth that God brings from the time together. It will be so fun and I am sooooooo excited to move forward with God in this step of obedience. And please remember the invite is open so feel free to invite others! If you would like to help in any way please let me know! Cannot wait to get together and see you little chicks soon!!!!

Love you big time sisters!!!

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  1. Wow cari! I remember that exact moment of meeting Beth and what a blessing it was for you. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to hearing all the great things God is going to use you for. You are a blessing to me.