Saturday, July 3, 2010

Glorious Daughters on Facebook!

Good Morning Glorious Daughters!! Okay so I wanted to let you know that Glorious Daughters has started a Facebook page!!!! I am so excited about this because I want it to be a space that continues to connect all the INCREDIBLE ways that the King loves on His glorious daughters! If you haven't already joined, please hop on Facebook and look for the Glorious Daughters page and JOIN in on the conversation!! The more the merrier, and the more encouragement your "established testimony" of faith and hope can encourage someone else. So please make comments on what the King is doing in and through your life. It will also be another place for announcements, updates on Glorious Daughters events, photos from the Chick Chats and Prayer Pearls.

To those precious daughters that have already joined, I'm overwhelmed. Many of you are dear, dear heart friends that I am fortunate enough to see regularly and I love you so very much. You are Glorious Daughters. Thank you for your unending grace and support for what God desires to do through the ministry of Glorious Daughters. Your love, eager hearts to volunteer, support and encourage me means more than I could EVER express this side of Heaven. You are kindred spirits to my heart sweet sisters!! And I just might break out my high school fight song at a Chick Chat again to really show the love! LOL! xoxo!!!

To the special beloved friends that are supporting this ministry from other states and places - I am blown away by your love. You represent a group of women that I am honored to know and have involved in my life. Thank you for your grace in loving the most imperfect version of me and pressing me to be wholly surrendered to the King from the inside - out. You are beautiful and I am so blessed, rewarded, humbled and inspired to keep going in my pursuit of the King because of your love, friendship and support. With all my heart, thank you.

And now, to the overwhelming overflow of love from those daughters that I don't even know on a personal level yet that have joined in on the conversation........I STAND AMAZED. Literally, I am standing as I type. :) Seeing all your radiantly beautiful faces on that Facebook page brought tears to my eyes. I know we haven't met face to face, but I want you to know that I love you so much and I am praying for you and CANNOT wait to serve you in your pursuit of the King. It is an honor to be a part of the journey that you are taking with the Father. I have chills when I think about the awesome, awesome things that the Holy Spirit fills my heart with about all the ways you represent a generation of women that are going to light the world on fire with the love of the King!!!!!!!

To those that haven't joined in....we cannot wait to meet you and hear your glorious story of redemption, beauty from ashes and security in the King! The best is yet to come ladies so pass the word on of all the ways you can get involved...the King promises to be faithful, as Glorious Daughters let’s just follow Him in that faithfulness!!!

You pretty ladies ROCK!!!!!!!! I love you and I cannot wait to chat again soon!!!



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