Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Praying for you sweet sisters

Precious Lord,

Today I woke up and don't really know what direction you would like us to go in my sweet I'm going to pray and spend some time chattin' with you and anticipating that you will position my heart to hear you word.

Father please equip your daughters in the midst of our days.  Surprise us.  Train our hands for battle (Psalm 144:1).  I ask that you would speak to feelings of inadequacy this morning.  Inspire us to lean on you and your understanding.  Lord, I feel led to pray today that you would make the ministry of Glorious Daughters like Gideon's army (Judges 7:2).  Cut us down and trim away all the fluff and stuff that we could so easily boast in our own power.  Make us lean warrior chicks that are alert and awake to your instruction and directions.

Equip us with a word to encourage those that need to be rescued with a simple word of hope today.  Give us eyes to see what you see and a heart that's unafraid to feel like you feel.  Prepare hearts to receive a word today, prepare the fields of hearts and minds for Jesus' rain.

Align us with your will.  Open our eyes to see where you want us today.  Lord give us the confidence, hold us in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3), patience and grace to give to to others.  Give us wisdom and understanding.  Articulate your heart to us today.  Separate what seems like just dry journal entries of thoughts strung together into sentences and paragraphs that inspire change from the inside out.  In your mercy offer us an interpretation of your Word today that might pull together all those loose thoughts into muscle and bones and then breath and finally motion and energy to Live for Christ as an awesome army (Ezekiel 37:1-10).  Pushed by the promise of abundant Life. 

Show us your heart, your ways and your glory today Mighty King.  You are beautiful and lovely and full of every good and perfect gift.  May you be praised and adored today by your daughters.  Appropriate your Blood over the weak areas of our lives as we lay our burdens at your feet where your love covers all that we've done.  Give us power to live strong in this day.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. I have felt so inadequate this week for a calling God has on my life. Your prayer has encouraged me and spoken Truth to my weariness.
    Bless you... Haley Mounts