Thursday, July 1, 2010

Your testimony can mold a generation....

So I just started reading an incredible book by E.M. Bounds and ran across a quote this morning that applies to my blog post yesterday. I have decided to let it speak for itself, and rise up in the hearts of those that connect with the quote and know what I mean when I say that the King is at work to establish a testimony in you.

“Paul termed it “my gospel”; not that he had degraded it by his personal eccentricities or diverted it by selfish appropriation, but the gospel was put into the heart and lifeblood of the man, Paul, as a personal trust to be executed by his Pauline traits, to be set aflame and empowered by the fiery energy of his fiery soul. Paul’s sermons – what were they? Where are they? Skeletons, scattered fragments, afloat on the sea of inspiration! But the man Paul, greater than his sermons, lives forever, in full form, feature, and stature, with his molding hand on the church. The preaching is but a voice. The voice in silence dies, the text is forgotten, the sermon fades from memory; the preacher lives…..It is not great talents or great learning or great preachers that God needs, but men and women great in holiness, great in faith, great in love, great in fidelity, great for God – men and women always preaching by holy sermons in the pulpit, by holy lives out of it.
These can mold a generation for God.”
–E.M. Bounds

God is faithfully crafting and establishing a beautiful testimony into your life, let Him have His way today. He loves you!!


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