Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Paint Set

A little while ago I was watching my kids use water colors to create the most amazing pictures. I mean of course I think they were amazing! They are my kids and to me they are little “Picassos” in the making! LOL! I wish you could see the creations that I am looking at. Ainsley informed me that one of her paintings was of an eyeball, which is hilarious to me because it does indeed look somewhat like a brown blob of an eyeball. And then Cade went nuts and tore off making like ten pictures using only a passionate swipe of his brush on each page. Those masterpieces are now drying all over my kitchen counters. I love it!

A thought hit me as I was instructing Ainsley on how to make the paint show up on her paper. When you open a new set of paints it looks beautiful. The colors are so bright and sharp. Seems almost like you could reach out, touch them with your dry paint brush and they would show up as the same dramatic hue on the paper. But that isn’t the way it works is it? You have to soak your brush in the water and then swirl your brush all over the paint before it will make a single radiant stroke on your paper. Before the masterpiece reveals the color you have to use the water. You definitely need both the paint and the water and you can’t use them separate from each other. Mix the two and the more liberal you are with each element the more definite the color and more glorious the picture.

It is the same with us. WE are the paints. God has created us to paint a masterpiece across this globe. We have every color we need to live a radiate life of faith. The only thing missing? The Water. You cannot move forward in life without the atoning anointing and powerful washing of the blood of Jesus. Yes, it is like water in that it washes you clean but it’s more than water. It is a cleansing agent like no other it is the Blood of Jesus. The more of Him that you use, the more vibrant the color of your life will be. I want to share the life mission statement the Lord started working in me several years ago and I have it written in the front of my Bible. I share it with you today, because I needed to be reminded.

“I am here to love the Lord with my whole heart, my whole soul and my whole mind but I only have a broken heart, a broken soul and a broken mind to offer. So I have to take those before the Father, The King so that He can appropriate the blood of His Son over my life and grow a tenacity, a strength, a steadiness, a wholeness on the inside. And as a result I can live with influence and power to withstand the overwhelming requirements of my outward calling.” – Cari Trotter, March 29, 2008

Nothing, nothing, nothing in my life or yours will have power behind it if we are not soaking ourselves in the full measure of God’s splendid grace and redeeming blood. Unfortunately I’ve tried to do projects for God without a single drop of Water on my paintbrush and all I can say is that it doesn’t work. But I have also had the privilege of cooperating with the Lord by submerging my whole self in His Water and being involved in incredible works for the Kingdom that showcase His divine Glory and Authority over my life.

My kids love to use the water cup I give them when they paint. I mean usually I just have to get ready for puddles of water everywhere when that paint brush hits their hand. If we would be so liberal with the healing Water of Christ in our lives what would happen? I think the King probably feels the same way about His daughters as I do about my kids..we are all just little “Picassos” in the making. He’s just waiting for us to dip our paint brush in His Water to make a masterpiece.

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  1. Geez babe. That was an awesome challenge. Thanks for your accountability. Love you.