Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week is about worship...

Okay....this week is about worship.  It's about worship for a lot of reasons, but mainly because sometimes in life you just don't know what to do next....so I've learned to just worship.  Because in complete honesty I don't know what to do next girls.  God revealed a very strong word and several steps of obedience in my life recently...so I stepped.  But now it's about being still and just waiting.  I have a tendency to get ouchie when I have to wait...I am a do-er by nature not a sitter.  But sometimes God calls us to just sit.  I used to get frustrated if I felt God was asking me to wait.  But I was wrong.  Waiting is a great time to worship and get honest with God about how you feel, where you are and then allow Him the space to share how He feels and where He is with you and for you! 

Yesterday I started some much needed deep house spring cleaning.  That is a perfect example of not knowing what to do next, Amen?!  I walked in circles for a couple of hours doing a little of this and a little of that before I sold out to the kitchen.  Once I got still in one place, focused on one goal, with no noise for at least the hour the kids where both asleep at the same time and just worked at what was right in front of me - God actually spoke to my heart.  I was still enough and focused enough on one purpose that I could hear Him.  And that is when He told me that this week is about worship.  Worshipping Him through song, through reading His word, through stillness, through prayer while I am going about my everyday.  It is about His daughters getting still in one place, focused on one goal, with no noise in the midst of the craziness of our days to worship the King. 

I'm talking about in your heart and mind because let's be honest our days get pretty full and spastic...In love, I want to say let's not be tempted to complain about the craziness our circumstances and how that is preventing us from worshipping.  God knows our lives are crazy, He sees us there.  Taking the time to worship is actually giving Jesus the opportunity to show you Mercy, Grace and Lavish Love in whatever place you find yourself.  I know for me Mercy, Grace and Lavish Love are sounding like a pretty good combination right about now.  Use the 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the YouTube video I posted as a starting place, I know I am.  This is one of my favorite worship songs because it says everything that my heart feels about Jesus.  Even if I don't know the next step to take today...I KNOW who Jesus is... 

"You are stronger, You are stronger.  Sin is broken, You have saved me.  It is written Christ is risen.  Jesus you are Lord of all!"

I love watching this video because it reminds me that there are a lot of sons and daughters out there worshipping the King.  I want to join them.  Get still in your hearts and your minds and worship.  It's not going to come easy and if I know the enemy at all this week is going to get insane busy and I will be tempted to forget all about worship.  Let's not do that because I'm guessing that the King has new jewels to show us and He doesn't want us to miss a single sparkle!

"Let your eyes look directly ahead, and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you." Proverbs 4:25

xoxo~love you pretty ladies so much and so excited to worship with you this week!!

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