Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"When I run I feel God's pleasure"

Okay so I have one more post to do concerning our week’s worth of worship together. Obviously your worship to the Lord should never stop, however He has new jewels to reveal. We want to continue to build our princess crowns with all the jewels that God has to offer. To do that we have to walk down from the mountain and walk out into our every day experiences what we learned while we spent time reveling in God's glory and goodness worshipping on the mountain.

The last post I have on my heart to write for this week’s topic I actually had a couple of days ago. Truth be told I got scared to post it up because again anything I post or encourage you to do is only a result of something God has asked or is asking of me. This post falls under the category of “is asking” which definitely makes me shake in my new spring wedge sandals. I don’t have life figured out. The little that I know pales in comparison to the simplicity of the Truth my kids share with me every day. The worship I offer the King I’m afraid goes up in the meekest of forms. And I hesitate more times than I would like to admit when Jesus’ calls me to a deeper obedience. However a long time ago I made a distinct decision to pour all I have into what I believe. Toby and I like to refer to it as seeing just how deep the rabbit hole of Christ really is.

Let’s go down a little further into that rabbit hole today. How are we offering worship by using the combination of the gifts and resources we have been given, the talents that we possess, the dreams God has placed in our hearts and expressing all of that in the location we have been placed? That is a form of worship. Your abilities, talents, gifts, resources and time are all ways in which we worship the King.

My challenge is this…Are you connected to the Spirit deep enough to recognize what gifts, talents, resources and abilities you have been given to bring glory to the King? Are you still enough to hear the call on how you can bless God with what you are doing in a day? Are you courageous enough to answer? And then are you disciplined enough to walk it out?

I have been called to write, and not just on this blog. God has called me to formulate the expression of Glorious Daughters into a book. To take the intimate and very intentional road He and I have walked together into a form that has the ability to bring Him glory. That is why I am shaking in my new wedges!! I’m not worthy or qualified, but that’s a good thing because it is undeniable whose work it will be. It is also time to step over the line and make Glorious Daughters into a full blown ministry. My heart aches to minister to others. As a whole I will merely be offering back to God what talents He has so graciously offered me. It ALL belongs to The King.

Where do your talents lie?

Are you a teacher? Teach for God’s glory and offer that as worship to the King. Are you a coach? Coach for God’s glory and offer that as worship to the King. Do you work in the professional world? Work as you are doing your work unto the Lord and then allow that to be a fragrant form of worship to God. Are you a student? Learn with God in mind so that as you grow you can increase opportunities to worship God and encourage others to do the same. Are you an artist or designer? Create, imagine and express and while you’re at it worship the King! Are you an athlete? Compete to bring God the glory. Are you a parent? Train them up with all the Love you have to offer! Are you a volunteer? What a beautiful way to express God’s heart and worship!! Are you a musician? Practice, sing, play and illuminate your world with beautiful sounds that bring glory to God and ultimately worship the King.

I love Chariots of Fire and have added a clip to further express what I am talking about here. Listen close so you can really hear what it says.

God made Eric Liddell fast, and when he ran he felt God’s pleasure. He had tapped into what unique talent God had fashioned in him and he did it to the best of his ability. And while he did it he worshipped God and brought him glory for generations to come. That sounds good….bringing God glory for generations to come. Let’s be a generation of daughters that does just that. Tap into what it is that God has called you to be and be it. Don’t be tempted to get distracted by ALL the things you COULD do….pray and ask God what He wants you to do…then be courageous enough to step out and do it!! And that could very well mean waking up, going to work and rockin’ it for Jesus doing exactly what you’re doing! Glory to God!

I will be praying for you and I am humbly asking you to be praying for me. I’m so excited to offer God what is ultimately His anyway, but that doesn’t change the fact that taking a risk is scary. But I’m too far gone to go back now. I am choosing to trust the words of James, “But if any of you, lacks wisdom, let him (her) ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given him (her). But let him (her) ask in faith without any doubting.” (James 1:5-6 my () added) As a daughter of the King I want all of God and I am pressed within my spirit to believe that there is a sweet fellowship of sisters that want the same thing.

Praise God for all that you do and all that you are for the King. He has created you so special and He is well pleased when you offer your gifts back to Him!! Worship God as He exposes all the ways He has gifted you and then feel His pleasure as you give it back to Him!


  1. Cari- Your words are so sweet. Your heart so clearly revealed! I LOVE it!
    Have you ever considered speaking? I want you to pray about this. My community hosts a "Women's Night Out" once a quarter. All the churches in town (all denominations) come together for a night of food, fellowship and a speaker. I will be in agreement and prayer over this. I think you have a message that needs to be shared!

  2. Cari-
    I was just thinking of this quote from Eric Liddell on Sunday. Our pastor was preaching on a related subject and I remembered how much I love what Liddell said. You are so inspiring- keep up the good work and posting your important thoughts! They are so rich!

  3. Jodie...I would LOVE to talk to you and pray about what you have going on in your community! Please email me and we can talk about what God wants from this opportunity! Sounds like God is really moving in your community and that you are playing such a vital role, that's awesome!!

    Angie...thank you so much for your words and encouragement...God is so good and merciful to reveal His Truth...much love and blessings to you both!


  4. Wow, Cari! Just last week when I was reading your previous post, I thought, 'She should consider writing books!'

    Your writing is amazing, honest and totally relatable. I look forward to reading every week and am very much encouraged in my walk! (or more like my stumbles!:)) Thanks so much- Many blessings! - Sasha