Thursday, April 1, 2010

Throw your head back sister!

I have one of my favorite worship songs rolling through my head and heart this morning. Do you remember this song?
If I could just sit with you a while….

If You could just hold me…..

Nothing could touch me though I’m wounded though I die….

If I could just sit with you a while I need you to hold me….

Moment by moment till forever passes by…
I heart that song so much sweet sisters. There are too many moments in a day let alone a lifetime where we feel whooped. And the precious part about Jesus is that He just wants to love on us. Yes, we have work that we are called to do. There are souls to save, sons and daughters that have yet to be reached, deeper understandings of Him and of the Word that we need to grab a hold of and work into our lives….but today I’m just feeling happy that I can just sit with the King, my Father for a bit. I need that today. There might be some people that have it all figured out and I’d like to meet them, but for me it is a moment by moment sustaining. Found this quote in my quiet time this morning and thought it fit this post pretty good.

“In order to maintain this friendship and loyalty to the Bridegroom, we have to be more careful of our moral and vital relationship to Him than of any other thing, even of obedience.” –Oswald Chambers

Ainsley loves her daddy and nothing thrills Toby’s heart more than when all she wants to do is curl up in his lap and chill. Just sit there and let her daddy love on her. When they just spend time hangin’ it’s awesome. It’s hard because she is two and very active…but do we ever really out grow that? Most of the time we are too busy doing "good things" and moving way too fast to just curl up in the arms of our Father and receive some love and then offer some affection back to Jesus.

Yes, we are called to care for others, but don’t forget where the love comes from that gives you the ability to be devoted to others. Don't forget that Jesus came to rescue YOU, please don't ever loose the zeal of that grand expression of lavish love poured out for YOU.  Spend some time building up your relationship with the Lord by ADORING the person of Jesus. I mean if you have to tuck away in your closet, or turn the radio volume up on that worship song a little louder to mask all the noise in the back seat of the car, or close and lock the bathroom door, or turn that cell phone off for just a second to get a few quiet minutes alone, or push that pile of paper work aside for just a second, or simply close your eyes and take a deep breath in and a deep breath out....DO IT. Then throw your head back sister and just adore Him and let Him love on you.  Don't think about having the right things to say to Him, or the right posture to be in, or the mess you might think He's lookin' at. 

Just think about Jesus....simple...precious.....loving....Father...Jesus. 

I know sometimes in a day that’s all I get, and believe me I take it! Jesus is everything you want him to be and more. He is your closest friend, your tender Father and your Reigning King. Curl up in His lap sweet beauty and let Him love on you today!

I love you ALL so much!


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  1. hi sweet cari!
    i'm glad i found your blog- i look forward to reading more!!
    have a great day-
    rachel (westmoreland) blazer